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Meet the Team – LT McGuiness

2 construction workers

Unless you have been working under a rock (or from home), you will have seen or heard about the Anchorpoint redevelopment at 22 Viaduct Harbour Ave. It will mean a refreshed plaza to enjoy your lunch in – and an exciting new food and beverage destination – find out more here.

We thought it was time to introduce you to some of the hard working individuals behind this project. Starting with James (pictured left) and Pete (pictured right) who are part of the LT McGuiness Team – the main contractors of the Anchorpoint redevelopment.

What is your background?

James: I have been in commercial construction for 15 years starting as an apprentice.

Peter: Carpentry. I’ve been with LT McGuiness for the last 12 years with various site manager roles.

What’s your role as part of the Anchorpoint Development?

James: I am the construction side project manager for the Anchorpoint Development.

Peter: I’m the Site Manager which means I help to make sure everything runs smoothly, order materials, consult with contractors and so on.

What do you love about your job?

James: Each day is different and watching a project develop through to a completed building which people can enjoy is pretty exciting.

Peter: Getting to create spaces like Anchorpoint is really cool – I’m looking forward to bringing the family here once it’s completed.

Which aspect of the site are you most excited about?

James: Probably the Viaduct Harbour Ave elevation with the new sets of stairs etc. I think this area will make a great first impression of the space.

Peter: I’m most excited to see the level 1 food and beverage area completed so I can have a beer!

What’s the funniest thing to happen to you on the job?

James: Have you met Peter Dynan? . . he’s pretty funny.

What makes this project different to others you have worked on?

James: Probably the back of house complexity such as rerouting and shifting incoming mains for all main services. These have had to be completed methodically and with large amounts of coordination and the team has done a excellent job of working through the safely and without hiccup.

What has been the most challenging element of the project?

James: Structural alterations within the existing building. These are a real challenge as there is inevitably discovery such as reinforcing differing from the as built drawings and the project team has to be nimble and adjust / evolve the design and construction methodology to suit these items.

Peter: Working in a tenanted building always has its challenges, especially when it involves demolition (thanks to the tenants for putting up with us. I promise it will be worth it!).

Anything else you would like to add?

James: We understand that projects such as Anchorpoint can be frustrating for insitu tenants and others in the community. We really appreciate the support we have had on this project from tenants and stakeholders and hopefully everyone can enjoy the new space in the near furture. Thank you from the LT McGuinness Team.

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