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Anchorpoint Update


Harbour Grounds is breaking new grounds! Construction is underway for your new all-day dining destination, Anchorpoint (previously known as the Viaduct Plaza).

After a rigorous and carefully considered design process with our partners, Warren and Mahoney, Anchorpoint at Harbour Grounds has begun its transformation.

These upgrade works will:

Create a new entrance lobby and welcome a number of food and beverage eateries
Deliver a fresh new look plaza for epic events and to enjoy lunch on
Refurbish the interior office space on levels two and three of Microsoft House, alongside creating new end of trip facilities for 22 Viaduct Harbour Ave occupants

You will have noticed hoarding has gone up in front of and around Microsoft House, with a temporary entrance now in place while the lobby gets upgraded.

The car park basement stairs on Viaduct Harbour Avenue are now closed, with a new entrance on Halsey Street available in its place.

The redevelopment works are due to complete in the final quarter of 2022.


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