• Date

    Wednesday 13/3/2024

  • Time

    11:30am & 12:30pm

  • Location

    Datacom Building (Ground Floor Vacancy)

Kitten Purrlates

As part of our weekly fitness sessions, we bring your Purrlates.

Join us for a unique and heartwarming fitness event that combines the joy of Pilates with the playful presence of adorable kittens! 🧘‍♀️🐱

Cost: $20, 100% of your ticket will go to Lonely Miaow 

Indulge in 45 minutes of invigorating Pilates led by Fitness All Together, surrounded by the charm and cuteness of kittens.


*This will take you to our fitness class bookings, select the ‘Purrlates’ option.

About Lonely Miaow

We’ve partnered with Lonely Miaow, a remarkable Cat Charity dedicated to helping Auckland’s stray and abandoned cats. Your $20 ticket not only grants you access to a rejuvenating Pilates session but also contributes directly to the welfare of these lovely feline friends.

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