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    Thursday 20/6/2024

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    Anchorpoint Plaza

Native Tree Giveaway

To celebrate Matariki, the Māori New Year, we’ll be giving away FREE native trees and plants, plus a cultural performance by Tapeta Wehi. 

Why plant during Matariki? Planting trees – or te whakatō rākau – signifies new life and new beginnings, which is a strong theme throughout Matariki. It also means we’re providing a habitat and food source for native birds, insects, and bees.

Event update: We are pleased to announce a special performance and interactive session between 12:30pm and 1:30pm by Tapeta Wehi to take place on The Deck (in front of Fonterra). Huge thanks to Fonterra for making this happen. Our planned food trucks and native tree collection will also be moving to The Deck as part of this event. In inclement weather, the performance will take place on the ground floor of Fonterra. All welcome. 


1. Have a read below of the plant options

2. Register here and select your chosen plant (1 plant per person) before 12 June

3. Collect your plant from The Deck (in front of Fonterra) on 20 June, between 11am-2pm

4. Plant your tree and share a photo on Instagram (tagging us @harborugrounds_) by 30 June for a chance to win some spot prizes!

Registration closes 12 June. If you cannot collect your tree on 20 June, we recommend you send a colleague on your behalf.

Don’t have space for a tree?

All 3 tree options (Kowhai, Mapou and Manuka) can be planted in pots to stunt growth. Or you can opt for one of the native grasses as a great alternative for small gardens.

Here’s the trees/plants to choose from below:


The Kowhai, also known as Sophora microphylla, is a stunning native plant that can grow up to 8m tall. Kowhai also look amazing when grown in pots and managed appropriately. This plant thrives in full sun or partial shade and attracts native birds such as Tui and Bellbirds. With its beautiful blooms and impressive height, the Kowhai is a must-have for any garden or landscape design.


The Red Mapou, scientifically known as Myrsine Australis, is a stunning native plant that adds a pop of color to any landscape. This tall bushy shrub can grow up to 6m in height and boasts bright red twigs that make it stand out. Its yellow-green leaves add a beautiful contrast to the red twigs and make for a striking display. The Red Mapou thrives on bush fringes, making it perfect for natural bushland gardens or as a feature plant in larger landscapes. Tall bushy shrub up to 6m tall with bright red twigs. Bearing yellow-green leaves.


The Manuka, also known as Leptospermum scoparium, is a fast-growing tree that’s perfect for erosion control. Its small, scented leaves and single white flowers make it a beautiful addition to any garden. The Manuka is also attractive to bees, making it a great choice for pollinator-friendly landscaping. It thrives in wetter soil conditions, making it an excellent choice for gardens with drainage issues.

Wharariki | Mountain Flax 

This smaller-growing species of native flax features attractive, gracefully drooping long bright green leaves. An all-purpose plant that thrives in various conditions. Whether it’s wet or dry, sunny or shady, exposed or sheltered, this adaptable flax can handle it. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance. The plant serves as a fantastic food source for native birds. Its nectar-rich flowers attract avian visitors, contributing to local ecosystems. When fully grown, Phormium cookianum reaches a height of approximately 1 meter (3.3 feet) and a width of about the same.

Purei | Carex Secta 

If you’re looking for a native plant that is both beautiful and easy to care for, this is the one for you. A well-known tussock forming sedge that can grow up to 1.5 x 1.5. It is an excellent plant choice for wetlands, but it can also thrive in most soils and moisture regimes. This plant often forms thick trunk-like bases and is perfect for full sun locations.

If you have any questions on plant care or what plant would best suit you, please contact Te Arai Native Nursery who is supplying our trees on (09) 435 2432 or email

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