• Date

    Thursday 11/8/2022

  • Time


  • Location

    Bayleys House

Money, Cheese and Honey Talk

When: 11 August, 12pm-1pm

Where: Bayleys House, 30 Gaunt Street


Join us for an interactive talk on the big topic of MONEY along with some delicious cheese and honey (and other goodies) over your lunch time break.

Hear from Cathy at Curated Money who will help you take control of your finances and live your best life! Topics will include changing your money mindset, intentionality not frugality and normal money behaviours that hold you back.

Financial wellness is essential to holistically improve your mental fitness and will give you the ability to make better, more informed decisions around money meaning less stress about the future.

About Cathy Anderson

Cathy is a money coach that uses a holistic approach incorporating the three pillars to financial wellness – mindset, lifestyle, and money to help her clients live out their best curated life. She believes that money is a lot more than just numbers on a spreadsheet and that mindset plays a big role in getting ahead to reach your full potential. Cathy went from having loans and living pay check to pay check in her 20s to creating a system to manage her money that lead her to pay off her mortgage in 7 years. She became completely debt free – including a paid off house at the age of 34.

Honey being poured on cheese
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