• Date

    Tuesday 2/5/2023

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  • Location

    Bayleys House, 30 Gaunt Street

Mindful May Series

Join us for our Mindfulness May Workshop Series, complete with a healthy lunch to refuel!

Run by Rosy from Mindschool, these workshops draw on research from psychology, neuroscience, and personal experiences with mental health to arm you with life skills to assist with your emotional wellbeing.

Tickets cost $10 per session and include a delicious plant based sandwich and treat (bliss balls, muffins and slices) from Sustainable Food Co. All proceeds go to the Voices of Hope Charity.

Sign up to all 4 to receive a FREE wellness goody bag (valued at $60) that includes a tote bag, drink bottle, mini scented candle, mini honey jar, succulent, tube of tea + strainer. Registrations for goody bags end at 5pm on 1 May.


1. Rewire negative thinking: Tuesday 2 May

Our perspectives create our experiences. With more self-awareness of our thoughts, we can teach our brains to act as a help rather than a hindrance, and shape a healthier mindset. This session looks inside our heads and helps us understand how to utilize neuroplasticity to manipulate our thoughts. We’ll show you methods to counter unhelpful thought patterns and develop beneficial ones to help you reach your greatest potential.

2. Manage Stress and Anxiety: Tuesday 9 May

In the high-pace of our daily lives, stress is unavoidable and often causes a rise in tension. Nonetheless, a lack of strategies for dealing with these emotions make them more long-term and damaging to our health. We will supply you with the tools and insight you need to overcome these pressures, as well as breathing exercises to manage the stress response.

3. Handle your Emotions: Tuesday 16 May

Having the means to cope with the difficulties in life can be vital in building resilience. This workshop explores how we experience emotion and will equip you with techniques to effectively manage these extreme feelings such as anger, sadness, or anxiety.

4. Attaining Happiness: Tuesday 30 May

This workshop goes in depth about the meaning of happiness, the idea that it is never truly accomplished, and the two types of happiness. We will provide simple tools to achieve contentment, such as practising gratitude and developing self-care techniques.

About Mindschool

Mindschool’s mission is to empower Kiwi’s and workplaces with the tools and knowledge to create better mental wellbeing. “Mindschool, stemmed from the frustration that there are thousands of people struggling with poor mental health, particularly in the workplace, yet lacking the tools to do anything about it.”

About Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope is a storytelling platform. They aim to create and implement change for mental health, whilst providing hope through the voices of those with lived experience.

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