• Date

    Thursday 27/7/2023

  • Time


  • Location

    KPMG Centre, 18 Viaduct Harbour Avenue

DIY Cleaning Products Workshop

Learn how to make your own natural cleaning products as part of Plastic Free July!

Join us for a hands-on workshop with The Recreators where you’ll learn how to create eco-friendly cleaning products using all-natural ingredients. You’ll also get to take home everything you make.

Date and time: Thursday 27 July, 12pm-1pm

Location: KPMG, 18 Viaduct Harbour Ave (look out for the Harbour Grounds A-frames)

Cost: $5 per person


Why make your own cleaning products during Plastic Free July?

💚 Plastic pollution is a major problem, and making your own cleaning products is a great way to reduce your plastic footprint.

💚 Natural and sustainable ingredients are better for your health and the environment.

💚 You’ll save money on store-bought products.

What you’ll get:

🧽All the ingredients and supplies you need to make your own products

🛍️ A re-usable Harbour Grounds tote bag to take home your creations

What you’ll learn:

💚 How to make spray cleaner, dishwashing powder, clothes washing powder, and toilet cleaner

💚 Where to source natural and sustainable ingredients for your cleaning needs

💚 Learn about ethical / local/ sustainable  supply chains

All proceeds will go to Trees that Count, a conservation charity dedicated to planting native trees in Aotearoa.

Please note photography and filming will take place at this event. If you’d prefer not to have your image used in this way, just let our friendly photographer know.

This event is part of Plastic Free July, a global movement that encourages people to reduce their plastic consumption for the month of July. By participating in this workshop, you can help to reduce plastic pollution and make a difference for the environment.

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